PepDash is Live. It’s Alive!

Every nerd knows the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything…  42!  Ahhh…. but what is the question?  I offer a new one:

At least how many laughs should you have each day?

Well, we’ve created an app to help you reach your 42 laughs!

PepDash is an incredibly fun celebrity guessing game for groups or parties. You give clues to your team, very similar to the offline game called Celebrity.  It is like a reverse Heads Up – where you don’t need to put the phone on your head.

Love PepDash, Celebrities or someone who helped build our game?  Check out…

Top 7 Ways to Get Involved with PepDash

        1) Get PepDash – iOS only for now… less than half the cost of a Starbucks!

        2) Play the game! Have fun!

        3) Send feedback – please?  We can’t make it better without it.

OK, if you do any of the first three – Thank you.  If you WANT to keep going…

        4) Like our page on Facebook

        5) Follow us on Twitter

        6) Tell your friends…

        7) If you like it, write something nice about our celebrity guessing game

I assume you’ll post this list to your fridge to check off each item, right?  Too much? 🙂 Then just get PepDash and play it – with kids, family or friends! You will have a blast.  More features coming soon… TBD depending on your feedback!

Happy New Year!  May the laughs be with you in 2016.

Best, Kevin

PS – Here is the same ridiculous list on Facebook: